2×4 Plinko Games

Our all wood games are available in a variety of sizes and are a fantastic addition to your event or marketing needs.

  • All boards are made from maple plywood and run through our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine where the holes are drilled to precision. Boards can be customized with your logo and colors.
  • The wood side points and bottom guides can be finished in your custom colors.
  • The metal guide pins are covered with a protective rubber tip.
  • There are 5 spaces at the bottom of the board covered in Plexiglass.
  • 6 Plinko chips are included with your board and can be customized with your logo and colors.
  • Running Lights around frame can be added to make your board unique.
  • Your game will arrive ready to go – No Assembly Required.

2’ x 4’ Plinko Game for Sale: $400

  • Logo Only: Price Based on Size of Logo
  • Full Board Artwork and Logo: $400
  • Lights Around Frame: $300
  • Plinko Chips with Your Logo: $1.50 per side
  • Double Plexiglass: $25
2x4 plinko game for sale