Our site Plinkogames has the most types and sizes of Plinkos in the industry!!! We have the from the smallest, Mini Plino Games to one of the largest 7" x 7" Plinko Games. Click on the side to see the different sizes or on the games on the front of the site.




Mini Plinko Game


2x4Plinko Game

 2x4 Lights

2x4Plinko Game

with Lights

3x6 Plinko Game


3x6Plinko Game 

  3x6 Plinko Game with Lights

3x6 Plinko Game with Lights


4x6 Plinko Game


4x6Plinko Game

with Lights

The Newest and Largest Plinko Games


6x6 for Casinos


7x7 for Amusement Parks


 dwood CW 
 GHost  HP  gg

 All of these PlinkoGames are either 6'X6' or 7'X7' and are great for your Amusement Park. Click on the picture to see a larger version 



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